Prestigious Advocacy and Consulting

Prestigious Advocacy & Consulting Services:

Advocacy – We secure and protect the rights and needs of individuals while ensuring that their desires and wishes are being recognized and considered. When advocating in appointments this service can include transportation when combined with “Care Coordination”.

Care Navigation – We connect individuals to local resources and service providers. Care Navigation paired with our Care Coordination makes an excellent support tool for non-local power-of-attorneys.

Care Coordination – This program provides monitoring service to oversee the quality of care provided. It integrates schedules as needed and coordinates the logistics of daily living.

Well Checks – This program provides phone calls and in-person visits performed by our advocate to assess and maintain the safety of living independently at home. This does not merely provide emotional care and mobility safety but also reduces the community vulnerability that is increased by chronic illness, disabilities or simply age.

Consulting – Business to business consulting and Community Care consultation is available.